#18 Tom Pocock of CreditMint on Decentralising Corporate Lending and the Death of Utility Tokens

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By Nasos Papadopoulos, EF Head of Content

Tom Pocock is the Co-Founder of Credit Mint, a company that’s decentralising corporate lending by using a public blockchain as the shared ledger for corporate debt.

The corporate debt industry is migrating from a bank-led model towards smaller lenders. But these new-wave lenders are tied to constant cycles of reconciliation, and trading is slow and expensive. On top of this, companies lose track of their creditors and the market is structurally illiquid.

That’s where CreditMint comes in – they fix these problems by using a public blockchain as the shared ledger for corporate debt. They provide a dealmaking platform, a trading layer and a settlements facility, all communicating with one digital asset on Ethereum.

Tom met his co founder Zac before they joined EF and since founding the company, another 2 ex-EFers have joined the Team – Joe Andrews and Arnaud Schenk – making CreditMint a perfect example of the magic of the EF mafia.

Tom studied Mathematics at undergraduate and postgraduate level at Cambridge before a career in finance spending three years at debt fund Park Square Capital.

After qualifying, he left immediately to explore his ideas to decentralise the financial system through blockchain technology and applied to EF after meeting his Co-Founder Zac.

In this episode Tom and I discuss:

– Why Tom left the finance industry to start a crypto business
– The current state of the crypto space and Tom’s predictions for future developments, including the death of utility tokens
– Tom’s lessons on raising money after a gruelling few weeks of fundraising

So whether you’re curious about what it takes to start a blockchain business or want to find out more about the future of the capital markets this episode has you covered.

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