#2 Finding a Co Founder – Three and a Half Founders

By Nasos Papadopoulos, EF Head of Content

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Starting your own company is tough, and while it’s possible to go it alone and still succeed, teams of two or more co-founders tend to perform a lot better.

That’s because in teams of two you have twice the amount of skills and you have someone to support you and pick you up when you’re down, which is inevitable over the course of the startup journey.

But it’s really hard to find the right co-founder – someone with complementary skills to yours, with the right level of ambition and who wants to start a company right now. In fact that’s the key problem that Entrepreneur First was built to solve back in 2011 when Matt and Alice started the company.

In this episode we discuss:
– The challenges the founders had finding a co-founder before joining EF
– The CEO/CTO relationship and how to decide who takes which role
– The difficulties of co-founder breakups and how to navigate them

Plus, we also go into the story of how the founders chose their current co-founder and why the relationship works for them.

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