#21 Sai Ranganathan of SensorFlow on Making Buildings Energy Efficient through IoT

By Nasos Papadopoulos, EF Head of Content

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Saikrishnan Ranganathan is the Co-Founder of SensorFlow, a company making buildings energy efficient at zero upfront cost.

Hotels spend $40 billion on energy each year and commercial buildings spend $120 billion. These are not insignificant costs and the amazing thing is that with better automation these costs could be cut by up to 40%.

People have been talking about applying IoT technology to create smart buildings for some time – but the challenges of doing this means nobody has really solved the problem.

That’s where Sensorflow comes in – their end-to-end product, built on top of a proprietary network stack, let’s them automate an entire building using a single gateway and optimizes energy consumption instantly with no need for complex installations.

In this episode Sai and I discuss:

– Why he left Goldman Sachs to start a company with EF
– How Sai has learned to filter advice from third parties including advisors and investors
– The key hiring lesson Sai learned the hard way that has made a huge difference to growing his team

I had the chance to visit Sai at his office in Singapore before doing the interview and it was awesome to see the hive of activity going on there. This was a great conversation packed full of useful insights whether you’re interested in IoT or looking for advice to grow your business.

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