#4 Ed Miller of Scape on Mapping Urban Environments for Augmented Reality

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By Nasos Papadopoulos, EF Head of Content

Ed Miller is the Co-Founder of Scape, which is building the location infrastructure for city-scale augmented reality & location-based services.

Ed and his co-founder Huub were on EF7 and their mapping and location technology allows devices to understand their position in the world, with incredible accuracy and efficiency, which is why they’ve been able to make such rapid progress since starting up.

Ed has been working in the field of interactive imagery (VR, AR & 360 video) for the past 8 years. He started his first VR company whilst studying Philosophy & Psychology at university and produced interactive content for the likes of BBC, Vogue and the NHS, even helping to form ‘Medical Realities’, a new startup based on medical VR training before joining EF.

In this conversation we dive into Ed’s personal story, everything he’s learned about finding product market fit, hiring and funding in the process of building Scape and what he’s learned about himself along the way.

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