#6 Growing your Business – Three and a Half Founders

By Nasos Papadopoulos, EF Head of Content

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The process of building a startup is a long journey – and that means once you’ve found a co-founder, come up with a product that people want and successfully raised your seed round…you’re still only just getting started. You’ve created something out of nothing and now you have to actually run and grow the business.

That means bringing in other people, which is incredibly easy to get wrong as well as overcoming other key obstacles to growth. And that is the subject of today’s conversation, where I draw out the founders’ insights from their experience going through this next stage of development

In the episode we talk about:
– The processes for making great hires that will strengthen the talent in your business
– The importance of company culture and why it’s not just a buzzword
– How the founders manage their time while running a VC backed startup

Plus we also get into the main challenges they’re facing at the moment and and negotiating the salary/equity split for early employees.


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