#8 Joe Root of Permutive on Customising User Experience in Real Time

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By Nasos Papadopoulos, EF Head of Content

Joe Root is the Co-Founder of Permutive a company that helps publishers and marketers to customize user experience in real-time – on every device, across every channel.

Joe and his co-founder Tim were on EF2 and their company has gone from strength to strength in recent years, dealing with millions of users for the world’s biggest publishers like The Times on a daily basis and recently raising their Series A round.

Joe earned a BEng in computing from Imperial and a Masters in Computer Science at Oxford before working for Pact Coffee and GoCardless in Product and Sales roles respectively.

In this conversation we dive into Joe’s personal story, everything he’s learned about finding product market fit, hiring and funding in the process of building Permutive and what he’s learned about himself along the way.

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