#9 Alice Bentinck on Finding Your Co-Founder

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By Nasos Papadopoulos, EF Head of Content

Alice Bentinck co-founded EF with Matt Clifford in 2011, back when the idea of inorganic team building seemed crazy. Seven years on, with the EF model validated from a number of successful exits and investment from Linkedin Co-Founder Reid Hoffman it’s clear that Matt and Alice weren’t that crazy after all.

In Episode #0 with Matt, we spoke about the big picture vision for EF and in this conversation with Alice we zoom in and talk about the mechanics of the EF process and how it actually works, discussing a range of topics including:

– The process of choosing the right co founder
– The early days at EF and initial resistance to the idea of inorganic team building
– The importance of focus and the difference between building a product and building a startup

This was a great conversation and you’ll definitely leave with a deeper understanding of the EF process and some great insights into everything from finding a co-founder to developing a product.

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