Asia 7| Fast and affordable enzyme development platform


Enzymes play a key role for hundreds of industrial purposes. The problem is that discovering the right enzyme with desired performance is like finding a needle in a haystack. Currently, there are two options: wait for evolution to take place or engineer it in the lab, costing millions of dollars and years of work with no guarantee of success.

Allozymes unlocks enzyme potential using microfluidics, building the largest enzyme data set, and achieving 10X faster and cheaper development with 200X higher chance of success.

Their ready to commercialize technology addresses a US$600B market with a pipeline of projects worth millions and products worth billions.

Meet the Founders


Peyman is an entrepreneur-scientist with a PhD from NUS. After his PhD, he joined a tech consultant firm as Head of Business Development, where he managed an international team, and expanded the company in Asia. He built his first start-up at age of 22, where he transferred a technology from lab and commercialized it.


Akbar earned his PhD in enzyme technology from NUS. With 10 years of experience in the field, he has many publications and patents and delivered several industrial projects to big pharma, food and biofuel companies. As lead researcher, his lab spent US$5 million to develop and patent a platform for faster and cheaper enzyme development.

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