We bring together extraordinary people, from all over the world.

Our Alumni

People who join EF are ambitious, smart, and driven by impact. Through EF, they go on to build technologies that change the way the world works. Our global alumni community is made up of 500 exceptionally talented individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Below are some of the people in our community

Vivek Madlani

Vivek is the co-founder of Multiply (EF7). Multiply provides interactive, adaptive personalised financial plans with specific product recommendations across people’s entire financial by combining complex financial modeling techniques and machine learning. Vivek joined EF after building a trading business from nothing to £110m in annual revenues, and spending twelve years in finance at Lehman Brothers and RBS.

Flora Tasse

Flora left Microsoft Research to join EF where she co-founded Selerio (EF7). Selerio is a real-time video platform for next-generation video-centric applications, based on innovations in Computer vision, Deep learning, and Distributed Systems. Flora is an expert in computer graphics and vision, with a PhD from the University of Cambridge, more than 10 publications to her name and was awarded the 2013 Google Fellowship.

Zehan Wang

Zehan is the cofounder of Magic Pony Technology (EF3), a video processing startup that was acquired by Twitter. Zehan joined EF after earning a PhD in Computer Vision and Biomedical Image Analysis from Imperial. He experimented with a number of ideas while at EF, before cofounding alongside another Imperial graduate he met at EF, Rob Bishop.

Alex Dalyac

Alex left research in Machine Learning at Imperial to join EF where he co-founded Tractable (EF3). Tractable automates the work of any expert that’s paid to inspect things, in any domain, at near zero marginal cost. Alex holds a Computer Science degree with Distinction from Imperial and received the Philips Prize in Computer Science. Before EF, Alex was a hedge fund quant and Rocket Internet business developer. 

Vivian Chan

After studying biotechnology at the University of Queensland, and earning a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, Vivian joined EF and founded Sparrho (EF1). Sparrho aims to democratise science by combining human and machine intelligence. The company checks 45,000+ journals hourly--creating customised feeds so that users can stay up to date with the latest in science. 

Dan Greenfield

Dan had been working on the idea for Petagene for some time before joining EF6. He had previously received the BCS Distinguished Dissertation award for the top Computer Science PhD in the UK, building on earlier degrees in Bioinformatics and Computer Engineering.

Dave Hunter

Dave rejected a PhD offer from Princeton to join EF and found Optimal Labs (EF7). Optimal applies bleeding-edge Deep Reinforcement Learning to create highly-intelligent autopilots for farms. Dave holds a first class Master’s in Computer Science from Oxford and previously ran the algorithmic trading quantitative strategies team at Deutsche Bank where his algorithms traded >5% of the European stock market volume.

Marc Sloan

Marc is the co-founder of Context Scout (EF5), a research-led software company developing new information retrieval and machine learning based approaches for web search, automated professional assistance and task based IR. Marc is an information retrieval expert with a PhD from UCL. He authored the book 'Dynamic Information Retrieval Modeling’ and has published extensively on the topic of predictive web search.

Rohit Jha

Rohit cofounded Transcelestial Technologies (EFSG1). Transcelestial is developing a ground breaking satellite communications network, using proprietary laser technology to transfer data 1000 times faster than current wireless technologies, across any distance. He’s an Electrical Engineer by training, and worked for 4 years in RBS’ FX Electronic Markets Team on latency in communications before joining EF. 

Guillaume Bouchard

After completing a PhD in statistics at INRIA and spending 15 years at Xerox Research Centre Europe and UCL, Guillaume joined EF and founded Bloomsbury AI (EF6). Bloomsbury AI automates customer care and advice by reading background documents and any additional information, and then automating answers (with explanations) to customer questions. Guillaume is a leading expert in Machine Learning and NLP with more than 50 patents and 60 publications.

Phoebe Hugh

When Phoebe joined EF she used her experience in the insurance industry at Aviva as an Underwriter and Product Manager across Commercial, High Net Worth, Price Comparison & Direct Lines to found Brolly (EF6). Brolly is an AI-driven personal insurance concierge, available through a smartphone app. Phoebe holds qualifications with the Chartered Insurance Institute, and a BSc in Psychology from the University of Manchester.

Peter Kecskemethy

Peter earned a PhD in High Performance Computing at the University of Oxford and left postdoctoral research to join EF and found Kheiron Medical (EF6). Kheiron uses Machine Learning technology to make cancer diagnoses faster, easier, cheaper and more accurate. 

Rashid Mansoor

Formerly a PhD mathematician from the University of Sussex, Rashid co-founded both Adbrain (EF1) and Hadean (EF3) at EF. Adbrain aims to unlock the universe of data to build smarter businesses. Hadean unifies the performance and capabilities of high-performance computing and the commoditisation and scale of 'big data', with easy-to-use development tools.

Emily Brooke

Emily is the founder of Blaze (EF1). Blaze's Laserlight stops cyclists from being caught in the ‘blind spot’--the greatest cause of cycling fatalities. After a successful Kickstarter, Blaze is now sold across major retailers including Evans Cycles and is being trialled on all ‘Boris’ bikes in London. Emily holds a BSc in Product Design from Brighton, with qualifications in Product Service System Design and Physics.

Haoyu Bai

Haoyu had been doing research in AI and robotics for over 10 years before leaving academia to start Movel AI (EFSG1). Using deep learning, sensor fusion, and probabilistic planning, Movel AI is building a software platform that increases the accuracy of robot navigation. Haoyu holds a PhD and several post docs from NUS, and has over xx peer reviewed publications. He built the AI that’s made aircraft collision avoidance systems 100 times safer. 

Amir Nejadmalayeri

Formerly Principal Engineer at Samsung and researcher at MIT, Amir is the founder and CEO of Phoelex (EF7). Amir has a PhD in electrical engineering, specializing in optics and photonics. He did his postdoctoral research at MIT in areas of photonics and high frequency electronics, followed by industrial R&D at Samsung working on future generation of semiconductor devices. He has over 40 publications and patents, and his publications are cited 700 times. Amir is also a Senior of Optical Society of America and a Senior of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Linda Wang

Linda left Deloitte, where she built digital identity services on the blockchain for public and private institutions, to join EF and found Lendr (EF7). Lendr is a reverse auction platform for mortgages. The company brings personalised offers from lenders directly to borrowers, eliminating the need for brokers and introducing risk based price competition to an inefficient market. Linda read Land Economy at Cambridge and has a Master’s in Computer Science from UCL.

​Shi Ling

Shi Ling is co-founder and CEO of UIlicious (EFSG1), automating UI testing for websites. They have built an intuitive test scripting language that can be used by non-programmers. Shi Ling is a full stack developer, who worked on complex user interfaces for several startups in Singapore before joining EF.