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We're looking for the best potential founders to join us. If you want to build something that has an impact on the world, submit an application below.

Application deadlines

EFBA1 (Bangalore)

Start date: 29th January 2019

EFBE3 (Berlin)

Start date: 1st April 2019

EFHK2 (Hong Kong)

Start date: 28th January 2019

Application deadline: 30th November 2018

EFLD12 (London)

Start date: 1st April 2019

Application deadline: 31st December 2018

EFPA2 (Paris)

Start date: 1st April 2019

EFSG5 (Singapore)

Start date: 28th January 2019

Application deadline: 30th November 2018

If your ambition outweighs your current career status, apply to join us.

Every six months we bring together a selection of mission-driven individuals who want to build tech companies with a global impact. We spend hundreds of hours screening thousands of profiles and select up to 100 potential founders to join our community. 

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to selecting founders; first and foremost we like to work with highly ambitious people who have strong and unconventional beliefs about what the future looks like. We then look to see if you have one of the following:

Technical expertise - often takes the form of postgraduate research or industry experience.

Technical Edge candidates are a specialist in a particular technology or research area due to their academic or industry experience. You have a Technical Edge if you have worked with a specific type of technology extensively and in depth. Even if you don’t yet know what you might want to work on specifically, you know that working with this technology will give you a competitive advantage - you can build things in a way very few people in the world can. In order to have a technical edge you’re likely to have a PhD or research experience in the field, or extensive and specific industry experience. Individuals with a technical edge often take on the role of CTO.

Industry expertise - usually means you’ve worked in an industry with deep domain exposure. 

You have a Domain Edge if you have worked in a specific field or industry long enough for it to give you a competitive advantage in building a startup in that space. You understand how technology would be able to solve the problems in the field and how technically challenging those problems are. You are able to communicate the problems in your industry to a technical individual who is not an expert and get them excited about the space. There is a product you believe should exist, and you want to built it.

Product expertise - often looks like building, shipping and managing products.

Candidates with a Product Edge will range from seasoned programmers to graduates of technical degrees. It’s important you have a product mindset, have built and developed products in the past and think in terms of product life-cycles. It’s important that the products you have worked on were high quality and that people wanted to use them.

We shortlist the applicants on an ongoing basis and select on a first-come first-serve basis. If you’d like to be considered for the next shortlist submit an application below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you are successful, you will be invited to interviews at our offices before being notified of offer.

For more information on the application process drop us a message or request to meet us for coffee

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