Becoming a First Time Founder - a conversation with Dr. Sripad Devalla (CTO, OriginHealth)

Amir Azhar
29 October 2020

Format26 Minute Listen
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‘Smart People You Meet at Parties’ is a behind-the-scenes listen into the everyday conversations we have at Entrepreneur First.  In this new series, we’ll be joined by founders, investors, and thought leaders in technology.

In this episode, Bernadette Cho (General Manager, Entrepreneur First Singapore) is joined by Dr. Sripad Devalla. Sripad shares about his decision to break into entrepreneurship right after his PhD, the importance of stress-testing a co-founding relationship, and how he navigated the emotional highs and lows of being a first-time founder.

About Dr. Sripad Devalla

Dr. Sripad Devalla. Sripad is an entrepreneurial scientist who is the Co-Founder and CTO, of Origin Health. With over a 100 citations, he completed his Ph.D. from the Department of Biomedical at National University in Singapore, where he developed A.I. algorithms for medical imaging applications. Sripad has actively worked with clinicians and global health care systems such as the Singapore Eye Research Institute, NHS in the UK, and the private health sector in India to translate AI from labs to clinics.

About Origin Health

Ultrasound scans are the most commonly performed examination for the screening of birth defects. However, there’s a severe shortage of trained clinicians globally. Failing to screen reliably could put both the lives of the mother and the baby at risk.

Origin Health is augmenting the capabilities of every clinician performing pregnancy scans with the knowledge of a specialist through their AI systems, bridging the gap in the quality of care delivered.

Clinically-led by 10 specialists from the UK, Singapore, and India, they are democratizing quality prenatal care to every pregnant woman around the world.

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