Asia 7| Using bacteria to transform the future of fertilizer production


Bioponics is replacing chemical fertilizer plants with a sustainable, bacteria-based solution. Currently, 1% of global energy usage is deployed into chemical fertilizer production, which is both time and resource intensive. Bioponics has developed a photosynthetic bacteria that releases ammonium as an ethically, and naturally sourced fertilizer using atmospheric nitrogen.

Compared to traditional methods, we use 12x less energy and don’t release any toxins as a by-product of our production methods. At scale our biotech facility will increase profit margins by 20% comparatively.

Meet the Founders


Hubert has vast experience in capital markets having helped launch several successful energy trading ventures over the last decade. He’s a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in over 20 ventures from fundraising to launching products – concept to commercialization.


Akhilesh is a Senior Research Professor at Samsung SKKU overlooking their PhD students. He has 17 years of cutting edge genetic engineering experience and has published 22 research papers in world renowned journals. Akhilesh’s work on genetically modified organisms has garnered him a reputation as a leader in the field.

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