42LAB is the first modular, portable and affordable biotech laboratory for students. With Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education becoming required in OECD countries, most schools struggle to introduce biotechnology to their students due to high equipment cost and troublesome experiment preparation. 42LAB solves this problem by providing a portable modular biotech equipment for students to conduct experiments as well as a companion app which serves as an electronic manual for students and a management tool for teachers. Our vision is to bring biotech experience to every student like what Raspberry pi does for computer science.

Dr. Yasaman Nematbakhsh (CEO) is an expert in novel biomedical engineering fields such as microfluidics and biodesign with nearly 10 years of experience in biology and engineering. She has won numerous scholarships and awards for her outstanding work in her PhD at National University of Singapore and had been a crucial member of 3 startups.

Dr. Data Ng(CTO) is a hardware expert with a PhD in physics from Hong Kong University. As a director of a secondary school and court member of a university in Hong Kong, he has extensive network with schools and knows educational system inside out.