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Chipiron pitch at Europe 15 Demo Day

Chipiron build a light and portable MRI machine that will be 10x smaller and cheaper than traditional ones. Their mission is to make MRI accessible to all.

Despite being the best medical imaging technique, MRI is is too expensive and cumbersome because of the magnetic fields’ intensity.

Chipiron use quantum sensors called SQUID to produce images at an ultra-low field. This allows them to remove the huge superconductor magnets – where all the problems stem from.

They have signed for €45M of LOIs, prestigious partnerships and already have 25% of their round closed by radiologists.

Evan Kervella

Evan holds a Master of Engineering from Centrale and has 2 years of experience as a data scientist. He is a second-time founder and has an extensive network in the medical world which allowed him quickly put things together to make this project a reality.

Dimitri Labat

Dimitri holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Université de Paris and a physics degree from the ENS. He had one of the highest rankings in France at the prestigious Agrégation competitive exam.

In addition, he has 10 years’ experience in teaching, and is an expert on superconductivity and its applications, most notably the SQUIDs, which are at the core of Chipiron’s solution.