Advertising on the internet is fundamentally broken, with 4 in 5 users opting out of data consent requests due to privacy concerns, leading to significant data loss and ads revenue. The mobile gaming market, worth $150Bn in 2022, lost up to 40% in iOS ads revenue. Datonomy’s on-device learning SDK provides anonymous insights derived from in-game behavior, allowing advertisers to target 100% of iOS audiences without user data leaving the device, and the technology delivers a potential to double the iOS revenue for opted-out users. Datonomy has received strong early traction with 3 gaming companies signed up to beta tests, a key partnership with an ad mediation platform with 150M daily active users to scale Datonomy’s SDK, and a demand-side platform with access to 15bn monthly ad impressions as demand source. Datonomy’s innovative solution maintains user privacy and data ownership, paving the way for a new era of advertising on the internet.