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FairCraft pitch at Europe 15 Demo Day

Leather is a beautiful and timeless material, but it was also ranked the #1 most polluting one used in the fashion industry, far ahead of cotton or polyester.

As brands are under tremendous pressure to become more ethical and sustainable, FairCraft have taken the best of cellular culture, material science and tissue engineering techniques, and come up with a cell-based alternative. This alternative meets the requirements the industry has been expecting for years: CO2 emissions cut by 90%, great mechanical performance, and outstanding customisation capabilities.

Haïkel Balti

Haïkel is a trained mechanical engineer and material scientist from Arts et Métiers and the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has spent the past 6 years developing, scaling and managing the development of hardware products that are now in the hands of B2C and B2B clients across the world.

Cesar Valencia-Gallardo

Cesar has spent the past 10 years in academia in some of the most renowned French scientific institutions such as Collège de France and PSL University. He has built the unique and interdisciplinary knowledge and skillset that is core to FairCraft’s bio-inspired material.