Despite all the B2B sales technologies out there, sales reps today are still underserved when it comes to finding account intelligence:

1. Data providers like LinkedIn and ZoomInfo only provide generic, high-level data like department headcount and industry. But these are not enough to tell if the prospect fits the Ideal Customer Profile.

2. The Internet is messy. It requires a lot of effort to stay on top of relevant news, job postings, personnel moves, earnings reports, etc. across hundreds of accounts.

Because of these, sales teams miss >50% of sales opportunities, and spend >60% of their time on non-revenue generating activities.

Greenspot AI uses large language models to gather information across the Internet and generate real-time, bespoke company attributes. Reps can now get answers to questions that used to require human intelligence like “is this a PLG company targeting SMBs?” instantly.

In 3 months, the team has built an MVP, launched to 3 pilot customers, saved them 80% of time spent on manual account research, and enabled them to run campaigns against granular customer segments they couldn’t target before.