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Kettel pitch at Europe 15 Demo Day

This year, 350k first time buyers will spend countless hours learning how to buy their home, 4 frustrating months going from offer to completion and £1000s in fees.

Kettel prepares buyers with personalised guidance, connects them with vetted advisors, and manages the home-buying transaction.

In doing so, Kettel reduces the time from offer to completion by up to 50%, and reduces the average fees by up to 35%. Long-term, we leverage data about the home, captured during the purchase, to build connections with buyers that last a lifetime.

Trevor Stunden

Trevor was most recently one of the first employees and part of the senior leadership at Residently, a tenant focused proptech startup tackling the rental side of the industry. He holds an MBA from IESE Business School and previously worked in e-commerce for brands like Ebay, AB-Inbev and Adidas.

Alex Tupper

Alex is an experienced full-stack engineer, data engineer and product specialist. He has built products for Hometree (a home services startup), founded a startup that built chatbots for 3 governments, and worked at the UK Cabinet Office Nudge Unit for behavioural science.