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LegalAI pitch at Europe 15 Demo Day

The litigation process is expensive and cumbersome. With 60M legal issues arising in Europe annually, only 1 in 3 people seeks legal advice. This leads to an untapped market of €21B in Europe.

LegalAI empowers consumers to enforce their legal rights using AI. The solution performs case outcome prediction, identification of similar cases, and legal document generation. LegalAI enforces your legal claims with no-cost risks and is completely performance-based, thereby, democratising access to legal justice.

Dr. Tessia Tober

Tessia holds a Master’s Degree in international law from the University of Oxford, did a visiting fellowship at Columbia University, and held various positions at Goldman Sachs, the United Nations and international law firms. As a strategy consultant for BCG she co-authored a study on legal tech.

Arpit Bajpai

Arpit holds a Masters degree in computer science from the Technical University of Munich. He has previously held positions as a software consultant, team lead and scientist, and developed an award-winning machine learning algorithm for PV forecasting. He has scientific publications in the field of ML & Blockchain.