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While we spend 50% of our working hours in meetings, they’re often dramatically unproductive. They’re either unstructured or unprepared, which causes meeting overdose for employees, reduces productivity in teams and represents a loss of 200K€ per year for a team of 5 people. 

To remedy this, MeetEasy has developed an AI-powered SaaS solution that optimizes meeting processes, automates painful tasks and centralizes information, leveraging the state of art machine learning algorithms. 

It’s composed of a plug-in for your calendar and visio tool for an outstanding in-meeting experience, a platform that gathers meeting history and a personal dashboard with analytics on meetings and interactions. 

MeetEasy’s mission is simple: to improve daily life at work and boost productivity and engagement of teams. 

The MVP is now live with a community of 50 beta-testers and a rapidly growing waitlist.