miodo has discovered that startups have a steady stream of orphaned tech projects that are important yet not mission critical and they can be outsourced to hire full time engineers.

A tech company’s ability to hire engineers is fundamental to its success, with US$40B spent each year worldwide. Despite this, the process is in the dark ages. On top of this, people aren’t staying in jobs for decades anymore – the freelancer market is expected to grow to £1.3T by 2025.

miodo is defining a new category. It’s global and revenue generating from day one. Their vision is to empower engineers to build the greatest future for themselves and the world.

With miodo, instead of companies posting a job to a job board: they post production tasks from their backlog and instead of engineers talking to recruiters, they complete real work. Companies get work done while building a network of potential hires and engineers get paid to try out future roles.