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Muddy Machines pitch at Europe 15 Demo Day

Muddy Machines builds robots that fix farmers’ urgent harvest labour shortage issues – helping them sustain and grow their output, and increase yields.

Their autonomous robots selectively harvest field vegetables, starting with green asparagus.

Supported by the two largest UK asparagus growers, they have built an experienced engineering team and received investments from both growers and angels.

They’ve won a £500k Innovate UK grant to develop a commercially viable version of their asparagus harvester. They are also working on another grant with a major grower for an additional crop.

Florian Richter

Florian is a serial entrepreneur who has held commercial roles at Google, SumUp, and Bookatable. His family runs a large farm in Portugal.

Christopher Chavasse

Christopher has spent his career in robotic innovation. He has built everything from UAVs to next generation household and commercial robots at Dyson, Deliveroo and Karakuri.