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Chronic inflammation is one of the greatest health problems facing us. It prevents people from living their lives, and three in five of us will die from it. Inflammation is reversible without having to resort to therapies, but there is no accessible means of monitoring the biomarkers underlying it.

My110 are building a test for inflammation that is as simple as a pregnancy test. It allows the predictive markers for inflammation to be tracked.

Their app constructs a digital twin which recommends personalised diet, exercise and recovery approaches. They have a pipeline of pilot studies taking place this year with athletes and sports teams.

Alex Sheppard is a seasoned start-up CEO with a track record in successfully scaling medtech start-ups. He has four years’ experience in the diagnostics industry space having led two companies simultaneously from pre-seed to Series A, raising £6.5M and negotiating commercial partnerships with Samsung and Nikon.

Mona Kab Omir has a PhD in Chemistry with a specialism in nanomedicine, the detection of proteins, and their signalling pathways. She founded her own gene therapy start-up and has 12 years’ multidisciplinary research experience in biochemistry and materials science in industry and academic institutions.