All market-available drugs cause side effects as a result of poor delivery to healthy tissues, leading to adverse health and considerable financial repercussions. Specifically, 90% of drug candidates fail to reach the market due to poor drug delivery, with Pharma misspending 15 years and $2B per developing drug. Moreover, even for drugs that do make it to market, side effects continue to pose significant health risks for patients.

The key to overcoming these challenges is precision nanotechnology. Optima Nanomed is developing nanoparticles for improved drug delivery into tissues, which are hard to target or penetrate by conventional drugs and methods. These cutting-edge “vehicle” particles can transport any drug to any tissue, ensuring safety and precision while enhancing penetration and delivery to the body’s most challenging tissue by 80%.

Optima Nanomed’s platform technology revolutionises the pharmaceutical industry by significantly increasing drug performance and development success rates. This innovation ensures that no drug is left behind and no disease remains untreated.