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paintbox pitch at Europe 15 Demo Day

paintbox automates, curates, and recommends all learning material to match the learner. With 30% of learning material being questions, our tool initially focuses on creating and recommending these questions from text, using NLP and RL.

Creating educational content is a messy and inefficient process, leaving teachers responsible for figuring it out. By making this process faster and cheaper, our system brings efficiency, and a much needed upgrade, to the educational industry.

Today, we have written confirmation from a platform serving 11K teachers to use our tool, and fifteen active beta-testers.

Please note that paintbox will commence fundraising w/c Monday 5th May. You can book in a meeting with them following the Calendly link.

Karishma Galani

Karishma completed her Master’s in Educational Technology from Harvard, spent time researching at MIT and has two published books in the industry.

Tanrajbir Singh Takher

Tanrajbir completed his Master’s in Machine Learning from UCL. He most recently worked at Babylon Health where he developed novel ML algorithms that led to the single largest increase in the company’s accuracy of its primary AI product.