Automotive industry is evolving. Semi/-autonomous vehicles create new opportunities but they also create new risks for players in the automotive value chain. Predina solves these risks by leveraging AI and cloud computing to build a contextual automotive analytics platform that integrates contextual data to predict and mitigate risks before they start.

Bola Adegbulu ran an automotive analytics business for two years. He was an operations engineer at General Electric, Head of Operations at an award winning IoT startup and managed dealer relations at Jaguar Land Rover. He also has a degree in Aviation Engineering.

Meha Nelson has a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from University of Edinburgh and has completed the machine learning programme at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (funded by Google, Amazon, Facebook and Bosch). She has built risk analytics platform at GENPACT, a leading technology service provider for financial services. Prior to that she worked as a Research and Development Engineer on Machine Learning for 2 years at Opus2 International.

Supply Chain, Transportation or Logistics
London, 2016