Remissio develops immunotherapies using AI. Immunotherapy strengthens the patient’s own immune cells to fight cancer. This promising, highly personalized, ‘living drug’ completely disrupts the way we do medicine. With 100 million people suffering from cancer, we need to accelerate the development and availability of these therapies. We use artificial intelligence to design immunotherapies using vast amounts of experimental data to generate a holistic prediction of the effects of immunotherapy on patients. With our first customers testing our product, we are getting closer to developing the first immuno-therapy designed by AI.

Elzbieta Maria Piatowska holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Manchester and has 15 years of experience in studying protein biochemistry in various cancers. Before co-founding Remissio she managed analytical laboratories and led R&D department in the largest applied research institute in Poland.

Stefan Van Rest developed and implemented large-scale machine learning applications for startups and large companies like Telefónica and Deutsche Bank. Two years of management consulting experience has taught him how to quickly scale an agile team around a data product. Stefan holds a MSc in Econometrics.