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Reti Health pitch at Europe 15 Demo Day

Reti Health uses retinal images to screen for cardiovascular disease (CVD) during routine eye exams.

CVD is the second most common cause of death in the UK despite being largely preventable. 90% of at-risk adults visit an optometrist once every 2 years.

Reti Health’s solution exploits this existing point-of-care to identify individuals most at-risk. They have a fast path-to-market via optometry chains for whom they are unlocking a new $8b+ revenue opportunity globally.

AI runs on data, thus they are collaborating with a leading optometry chain to collect a proprietary dataset and commercialise their prototype.

Oliver Dean

Oliver Dean researched AI at UCL to automate the diagnosis of prostate cancer from MRI. He began his career as a consultant at EY before joining GoCardless where he helped raise a $75m Series E.

He holds an MSc in Computer Science from UCL and a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago.

George Prichard

George Prichard was the Head of Research at a computer vision startup for 4 years where he built and deployed deep learning products used by millions of people. Before that he studied neuroscience for 7 years, published 5 papers, then left his PhD at UCL to find more applied research.