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Shoji pitch at Europe 15 Demo Day

Shoji are enabling businesses to sell data without the legal, reputational and commercial risks.

Businesses can license the use of their data, without needing to share the data itself. Their federated learning platform keeps data in-situ, offering data owners unprecedented control over who can use their data and how.

They’ve already been awarded £90k from Innovate UK and have just signed up their first paying customer, worth an expected $100k ARR.

Jack Hogan

Jack studied for an MSc and PhD in statistics at Imperial College London, specialising in multi-source data fusion. Through collaborations with the NHS and Rolls Royce, he understands how organisations can make the most of their data.

Jordan Noble

Jordan spent his academic career at Imperial College London, where his PhD research focused on developing practical methods for implementing real-time machine learning at huge scale. His software helps protect the data of thousands of Azure business customers and defend Barclays’ data from insider threats.