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SILINA pitch at Europe 15 Demo Day

SILINA brings a paradigm shift to the imaging industry by curving existing imaging sensors, resulting in huge camera performance upgrades and creating new functionalities.

Curved sensors unlock hardware limitations that software cannot solve: 5x better resolution, 6x smaller/lighter devices, 3x better sensitivity.

SILINA’s proprietary curving process is scalable, reliable, and can address the various players of the 20B$ imaging sensors market – as direct B2B service for niche markets or via IP licensing for high volume. They are supported by two VP level advisors (Airbus DS, STMicro) and 5 big OEMs.

Michael Bailly

Michael is a former strategy consultant and industrial project director. He brings 12 years’ experience delivering first-of-a-kind projects to long-cycle industrial companies and negotiating contracts with multiple stakeholders –  just as SILINA will need to align the goals of the various actors of the imaging market.

Wilfried Jahn

Wilfried Jahn is a leading innovator in curved sensor manufacturing. He holds a PhD in electro-optical system design, and worked as a postdoc at Caltech on space cameras. For the past 6 years, he has leveraged his experience to design SILINA’s unique manufacturing process, and he is now working at unlocking further breakthroughs.