Untangle AI are building a comprehensive platform and developer tools to allow companies to understand, modify, compress and explain their deep learning models. This adds both transparency and alleviates huge problems for companies that limit wider adoption and trust of AI solutions. Our software allows for model auditing, which will become imperative as life affecting AIs hit the market.

Dr. Jimmy Moore completed his PhD in data interpretation and machine learning from the University of Manchester. He has built a career building the best in class real time AI systems and transferred his knowledge through consulting in Big data and AI for companies throughout the APAC region.

Naresh R Shah is a deep learning expert with particular expertise in interpretable AI. He is a proven researcher with two Masters Degrees. Previously a Data Science Engineer at Procter & Gamble Co., where he lead a team to build and deploy solutions using Interpretable AI to predict and explain failures and quality defects.

Data Science
Singapore, 2018