Xihelm have built the world’s best robotic harvester for glasshouse fruit and vegetables.

Their technology is powered by the industry’s most advanced AI datasets, designed by engineers, PhD researchers and computer scientists, and refined by commercial growers in the UK and Netherlands.

Robots are a key defence in the prevention of pests, and diseases such tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV), because their precision cameras identify symptoms quicker and more accurately than the human eye. We think robotics is where the industry is going.
Charmay Prout, Managing Director, Flavourfresh Salads Ltd
We are delighted with our investment in Xihelm. The team has continuously delivered above expectation and the pandemic has highlighted the need and opportunity in greenhouse harvesting automation. We look forward to continuing our strategic support of the Xihelm team.
Ekaterina Holt, Head of XTX Ventures