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Zash pitch at Europe 15 Demo Day

$1 trillion is sitting in uninvested cash at brokerage firms in the US alone. The hunt for yield and growing disdain towards existing investing platforms has left a generation of investors desperately searching online for signal and trust.

Zash is a creator-led social network for investing. Creators get access to a set of tools that empower them to build their own ideas and activate communities around their investing beliefs and approaches.

$1.5m of funds have been soft committed to the platform, growing 25% WoW, with a beta community of over 400 members.

Please note that Zash will commence fundraising w/c Monday 26th April. You can book in a meeting with them following the Calendly link.

Parit Patel

Parit has spent over a decade in financial services, most recently in the founding team of Drover, the car subscription platform for millennials. Prior to this, he was in Financial Institution M&A and qualified as a chartered accountant in one of the largest banking groups in Europe.

Efe Surekli

Efe was an early software engineer at Tractable. He is a 2x founder, including Baumeister AI, a machine vision startup in Berlin developing professional no code tools for investment banks. Most recently he was an EIR at VC, Atlantic Labs. He holds a MSc from Cambridge in Industrial Systems.