Healium Digital Healthcare

| Detecting kidney diseases earlier than ever.

Healium Digital Healthcare

Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) only get detected when it’s too late to be treated and patients are left to life-long dialysis or transplant.

Healium is developing a new medical software that detects CKD 10 years earlier than any existing system. We do it by applying 3 cutting edge technologies – AI, Computer Vision and Computational Fluid Dynamics on Electronic Health Records, Lab reports, and Scans.

Healium is here to create a paradigm shift in early detection and management of CKD.

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Meet The Founders

Biju is a Healthcare domain expert with a PhD in Medical Genetics and 10+ years of experience as a C-level executive in large hospital chains like Narayana Health. He has validated and scaled large Nephrology services and has been instrumental in developing the first low-cost dialysis machine in India.


Neeraj holds a PhD in AI with a decade of corporate experience as applied machine learning engineer and has 8 global patents in AI. At DELL EMC he architected world’s largest AI-enabled Digital Healthcare data lake, used by 6000+ hospitals worldwide.