Unbox Robotics

| The AI-powered Fleet of Robots for Parcel Sorting.

Unbox Robotics

Globally, the logistics industry sorts about 100Bn parcels and this number will double by 2025 – thanks to e-commerce growth. But the infrastructure needed to handle these packages is unable to keep up. Logistics companies either use highly unscalable manual methods or CapEx-intensive, space-consuming automation systems.

UnboxRobotics solves this by building AI-powered robots that are deployed in 2 weeks instead of 6+ months, saving the warehouse area by more than 50% and reducing CapEx by 40%. UnboxRobotics is working with some of the largest logistics and eCommerce companies.

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Meet The Founders


Pramod has worked in e-commerce logistics & manufacturing across multiple countries. Previously, he worked at Flipkart, where he led several warehouse automation projects and introduced India’s first robot-based package sorting solution. He has a master’s degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from NUS.


Shahid has worked in the fields of AI and Robotics and has built a robotics startup before. He has international experience through patents and research papers in the areas of Multi-Robot System and Swarm Intelligence. He holds a master’s degree in Autonomous Robotics Engineering from the University of York.