| Providing better feed for better fish through aquaculture additives.

Aquaculture (fish farming) now accounts for more than 50% of the fish we eat. Yet as fish farming has intensified, so too have the challenges. Mortality rates can approach 50% and sometimes, entire farms are lost to disease. More so, conventional sources of nutrition and treatment can be massively polluting, undoing any environmental gains achieved by aquaculture over industrial fishing. 

BioFeyn is responding by creating next generation aquafeed ingredients. Our technology improves fish health, reduces pollution, and delivers a more nutritious product to individual consumers.

Umberto Martino (left), Timothy Bouley (centre), and Marie-Christine Imbert (right)

Umberto Martino (left), Timothy Bouley (centre), and Marie-Christine Imbert (right)

Timothy Bouley, CEO and co-founder

Timothy is a medical doctor and environmental scientist. Previously, he led programs at the World Bank on climate change, infectious disease, fisheries, and aquaculture. He has also been a researcher at UCSF, the US Nat Acad of Sciences, and WHO. He has degrees from Oxford, Duke, Harvard, and Tufts.

Umberto Martino, CTO and co-founder

Umberto is a materials engineer with a focus in bio-nanotechnology and nanosensors. He spent 5 years in four countries building innovative nanotech-based solutions for the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer. He has a PhD from University of Paris and BFC certificate from INSEAD.

Marie-Christine Imbert, COO and co-founder

After completing her PhD in molecular biology at the MRC-LMB and Cambridge University, Marie moved into finance, setting up the LGT and Science investment programme at LGT Capital Partners. From there she progressed to various roles at Capital Partners, including sustainable investment officer and finally taking responsibility for the risk management of the firms private equity investments. After leaving LGTCP she co-founded an addiction treatment application and worked as an advisor to Global Changemakers. In her spare time Marie periodically co-hosts a gourmet hot chocolate pop up (The Hot Chocolate Lab).