| Optimizing warehouse logistics and supply chains.

In logistics, managing delivery and pickup of cargo at warehouses is slow, manual, and extremely inefficient. 

For every single transport, prolonged waiting times result in warehouses and carriers losing multiple hours, which leads to high fines and could eventually cost future business.

byways SaaS solution is automating transport planning with the power of artificial intelligence. 

A first version of the solution is already being used by 3 pilot customers and the results are astonishing: 18% time savings in the first weeks.

We’re harnessing the power of AI to work towards a greater vision: fully automated transport planning for logistics and supply chain.

Simon Jordan (left) and Alexander Palffy (right)

Simon Jordan (left) and Alexander Palffy (right)

Alexander Palffy, CEO and co-founder

Alexander has worked in warehouses since the age of 14 and today has more than 6 years of experience in logistics. Most recently he was a Head of Product at Sennder, a Series C logistics start-up from Berlin, delivering shipping solutions used by over 10,000 warehouses and trucks.

Simon Jordan, CTO and co-founder

Simon is a machine learning expert (PhD) and a tech enthusiast. He spent 2 years as a researcher in Silicon Valley before moving to Volkswagen Research. There, he spent 6 years leading development teams building applications for next generation vehicles.