| Delivering the best restaurants, UK-wide.

We enable the UK’s best restaurants to produce and sell UK-wide delivered, finish-at-home meal kits. 

We’re already working with a National Restaurant Awards Top 100 winner and one of Soho’s most iconic restaurants. We’ve generated over £30k in revenue in our first 8 weeks of operation, serving over 1,000 diners across the UK from Scotland to Cornwall.

Pete Butler (left) and James Terry (right)

Pete Butler (left) and James Terry (right)

Pete Butler, CEO and co-founder

Pete has over 10 years experience in the food & restaurant industry, most recently helping restaurants to cater large scale, off-site events. He was also described by Financial Times as a ‘New Food Innovator’. Pete is a graduate of Cambridge University and previously worked for Boston Consulting Group.

James Terry, CPO and co-founder

James is a product designer and developer. He founded a previous company aged 18, growing it to over 200,000 users, became #1 App in Education and raised over £500k. He has also built consumer products for startups as a CPO (including eBlitz, Time for Advice, Houzecheck).