| Making voice better than a visit.

COVID-19 means there are now twice as many GP appointments happening remotely. This shift is causing problems. A visit was better than a voice call because doctors have the medical scribes, secretaries and dictation software which take the grind out of face-to-face consultations. But now, Empela makes voice better than a visit.

We are providing GPs safe, efficient phone consultations for clinicians that are integrated into the workflow and automatically summarised for the record so that doctors are happier and the NHS can do more with less.

William Nash (left) and Christian Mellor (right)

William Nash (left) and Christian Mellor (right)

William Nash, CEO and co-founder

Will Nash recently left EMIS (UK’s largest supplier of medical records) having sold his previous medical data startup to them. He knows IG problems and solutions, and has a track record and experience working with healthcare systems on data sharing.

Christian Mellor, CTO and co-founder

Christian founded and exited a Medical Device startup which successfully commercialised his research from Imperial College London. His startup raised millions of euros in funding and helps people living with Parkinson’s better self-manage.