Invest Insight

| Unlocking the potential of data for traditional hedge funds, giving them access to quantitative tools.

Financial data was scarce 30 years ago. Now, it is abundant.

However, 70% of hedge funds are still using the same analysis workflow as 30 years ago, which is time consuming and underperforming.

We offer AI-driven investment analysis for asset managers. It incorporates quantitative and qualitative data such as broker notes and annual reports. Invest Insight drops the analysis workflow duration from 90 to 9 days, by automating non added value tasks, and provide structured insights to make better investment decisions.

We are in the process of signing our first partnerships with hedge funds.

Hugo Pascail (left) and Jean-Régis de Vauplane (right)

Hugo Pascail (left) and Jean-Régis de Vauplane (right)

Jean-Régis de Vauplane, CEO and co-founder

Jean-Régis is an experienced entrepreneur. His first startup – Cariboo – was acquired by ParisCityVision in 2016. He has worked on more than 30 AI and web projects as an Agile Coach and Product Manager at Theodo group, and spent the last 3 years leading sales & marketing for AI projects.

Hugo Pascail, CTO and co-founder

Hugo holds a PhD In Quantitative Finance, and has worked as an investment analyst in 3 different hedge funds. He spent eight years building AI models and econometric algorithms to select and classify data for investment decisions.