| Democratising 3D animation by making it faster and more accessible for all creative minds.

While gaming and filmmaking industries are booming, content animation remains a bottleneck and will cost over $150B by 2025.

We have developed an AI SaaS that automates 80% of the manual work involved in animation, leveraging the latest research in deep learning. The beta of our technology already allows animators to extract movement from any video and transfer it onto a 3D character while integrating in their workflows.

Our platform is now available, and we have built a community of 1,000+ animators who are in the waitlist to test our platform, which is live.

Our mission is to democratise 3D animation for all creative minds

Henri Mirand (left) and Yassine Emile Tahi (right)

Henri Mirand (left) and Yassine Emile Tahi (right)

Yassine Emile Tahi, CEO and co-founder

Yassine graduated from HEC Paris & Sciences Po. Besides being a huge fan of MMORPG games, he previously worked in strategy consulting where he led AI projects, and in VC where he invested in multiple SaaS businesses. He is also a community builder, and launched one of the largest tech recruiting events in France.

Henri Mirande, CTO and co-founder

Henri graduated from CentraleSupélec at only 20. Besides spending 2000+ hours playing Civilization, he worked in deep learning applied to 3D animation for Dynamixyz, a leading startup in facial animation. He also conducted R&D in computer vision at Essex university and for Dassault Systèmes 3D department.