| Next generation satellite propulsion.

We stand at the beginning of a new space age. Companies are launching constellations of thousands of satellites. But our customers have ambitions that are out of reach because satellite propulsion isn’t good enough. 

The Magdrive thruster burns a high density propellant with 100 times the energy of a rocket so efficiently that satellites reduce the fuel needed by 90%. We have working prototypes, a lab at the European Space Agency Incubator and £100k in grant funding. Magdrive will enable entirely new business models that are uncapped in value, and become the ubiquitous provider of propulsion.

Dr Thomas Clayson (left) and Mark Stokes (right)

Dr Thomas Clayson (left) and Mark Stokes (right)

Mark Stokes, CEO and co-founder

Mark is a mechanical and machine learning engineer with an MSc from Imperial College London, with experience in precision engineering, and deep learning at startups and in the aerospace industry. He has worked in B2B sales in telecommunications selling high value contracts.

Dr Thomas Clayson, CTO and co-founder

Thomas completed his PhD at Imperial College in plasma astrophysics. He has built fusion reactors and the largest pulsed power machine in Europe. He is an expert, with 16 publications in plasma physics and pulsed power, key components of the Magdrive.