| Rapid prototyping tool for design engineers of physical products.

Whether you’re designing a coffee cup or the cockpit of an aeroplane, you need to understand how humans will interact with your design. Right now, it can be expensive and time consuming to prototype designs physically.

Our software tool allows you to view your design to scale, in your physical space with augmented reality. You can also interact with the design to test how your end user will install, maintain and use the design.

We have over 10 pilots and agreed monthly revenue.

Chris Whitehead (left) and CJ Cassar (right)

Chris Whitehead (left) and CJ Cassar (right)

Chris Whitehead, CEO and co-founder

Chris is a former systems engineer at Hawk-Eye (ball-tracking in sport) and technology specialist at McLaren. He has also worked as an international policy adviser in HM Treasury and founded a social enterprise where he led on B2B Sales.

CJ Cassar, CTO and co-founder

Christopher-John is an experienced mechanical design engineer and Unity developer. He holds a PhD from University College London with a focus on building augmented and virtual reality tools for engineers in the luxury, commercial, and defence sectors.