| Engineering Algae that will turn the oil industry green.

Biofuels are the best tool for reducing the carbon footprint of industries like aviation and shipping, but modern biofuels cause deforestation and rely on agricultural resources. The most sustainable and scalable form of biofuel is made from algae, photosynthetic microorganisms at the base of every food chain. 

Phycobloom is using synthetic biology to create algae that produces oil more efficiently and cheaply. We are currently building our prototype with which we will secure our IP. This IP will then be licensed to algae farmers, giving them access to a market which is in excess of £50 billion.

Ian Hu (left) and John C. Waite (right)

Ian Hu (left) and John C. Waite (right)

John C. Waite, CEO and co-founder

John completed his DPhil at Oxford in 2019, where he was developing technology for sustainable energy. He has a background in Materials Science and has studied batteries, renewables and nuclear power. John is an experienced communicator who has taught up to degree level.

Ian Hu, CTO and co-founder

Ian completed his PhD in evolutionary biology at Cambridge in 2019. Ian has 10 years’ experience studying algae and synthetic biology, and is co-author on a seminal Nature Methods paper explaining how to engineer marine organisms. As a senior scientist Ian has lead teams of multiple researchers.