| B2B wholesale video based e-commerce platform.

B2B wholesale is a $12T market globally. 80% of time is spent on a manual door to door sales process. Even the most advanced brands are using basic type forms to receive orders. If that wasn’t enough, Covid has made things worse.

We are Playback, a video platform disrupting the age old wholesale industry. Traditional wholesalers can finally meet retailers online, using videos, to showcase products and close orders. Imagine a YouTube-like experience.

Over 20 brands are paying double-digit commissions to use our platform. At Playback, we want to be synonymous with QVC for B2B wholesale.

Kannan Reghu (left) and Amita Goyal (right)

Kannan Reghu (left) and Amita Goyal (right)

Amita Goyal, CEO and co-founder

Amita has 15 years of experience with BCG, Wework and UBS, leading large teams globally. She holds an MBA from INSEAD, and has worked with Fortune 50 CEOs on B2B sales, omnichannel strategy and ecommerce due diligence. Amita is passionate about helping businesses grow, having seen her dad run a small business.

Kannan Reghu, CTO and co-founder

Kannan has over 12 years of Product & Tech experience, launching 4 successful start-ups from scratch across 3 countries. He was the first VP of Engineering at Grover, a B2B ecommerce platform, where he built the platform resulting in 1200% growth and 20+ ecommerce partnerships in less than 2 years.