| Helping brands earn more and waste less.

Global fashion loses $1T annually from poor demand forecasting.

We’re building a platform which enables brands to produce to exact demand, maximising their revenue while doing so.

We apply the latest optimisation and AI to brands’ internal datasets, combined with proprietary data shown to improve demand forecasting accuracy by more than 50%.

We’re already operational with customers, processing £3bn worth of sales information from more than 30,000 products, with a further dozen customers in the pipeline.

Tom Walker (left) and Tom Barber (right)

Tom Walker (left) and Tom Barber (right)

Tom Barber, CEO and co-founder

Tom has spent his career at the intersection of fashion and technology. He has previously founded and ran a DTC clothing company, and most recently scaled a retail analytics company from 0 to over $2M in ARR. He also holds an MPhil from the University of Cambridge, and a first-class BSc from Imperial College.

Tom Walker, CTO and co-founder

Tom holds a first-class MEng from Oxford, and has spent the last decade working at the cutting edge of mathematical optimisation. At Ferrari F1 he optimised car performance and introduced designs that were copied across the grid. More recently he’s worked on production ML at a leading fintech startup.