Rumble Studio

| SaaS enabling content marketers to record and publish audio as quickly as a blog post.

We are rapidly entering a voice-first world. As attention moves from the eyes to the ears, marketing budgets are shifting to audio. However, the tools to create audio content are expensive and slow. Rumble Studio uses conversational A.I. to interview guests for you. This enables businesses to quickly and affordably publish audio – helping them to acquire more leads and close more deals. 

Our live MVP has 13 paid pilot customers, over 300 registered users, and a growing number of paying subscribers generating real MRR. 

We are Rumble Studio, the content marketing platform for audio. Let’s have a conversation.

Joris Guerry (left) and Carl Robinson (right)

Joris Guerry (left) and Carl Robinson (right)

Carl Robinson, CEO and co-founder

Carl is an experienced podcaster in the domain of voice technology, making him an expert in both audio content creation and the latest conversational A.I. technologies. He is a published voice A.I. data scientist, has led the product team at a chatbot startup, and has had one successful startup exit.

Joris Guerry, CTO and co-founder

Joris won the award for best PhD in machine learning and AI from France’s top university, École Polytechnique. Joris has been developing full stack applications for the past 15 years, for industry giants like EDF. He single-handedly built Rumble Studio’s live MVP, which is already generating real MRR.