| Enabling digital trust.

EIDAS and PSD2 regulations are forcing businesses to strengthen the authentication of their clients.

With our Identity AUTHaaS, we allow businesses to authenticate their clients in less than 3 seconds.

We leverage cutting-edge computer vision algorithms to authenticate the ID documents and verify the user. On top of that, we use our patented PKI to issue a reusable digital identity, enabling fast identity reauthentication.

We are finalising a pilot project deal with Bouygues Tel and a partnership with la Gendarmerie Nationale to access France’s biggest dataset of fake IDs.

Sawsen Rezig (left) and Sara Sebti (right)

Sawsen Rezig (left) and Sara Sebti (right)

Sara Sebti, CEO and co-founder

Sara holds a Master degree in statistical and financial engineering from Paris Dauphine University. She has over nine years experience in financial engineering and a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements that face ShareID’s clients. She has previously co-founded two fintech startups.

Sawsen Rezig, CTO and co-founder

Sawsen holds a PhD in computer vision from Centrale Lyon. As a deep learning scientist within Cisco, she earned valuable experience in computer vision technology and possible use cases. She has published 2 patents in machine reasoning currently used by Cisco.