| Helping companies organise remote working to optimise their office space.

Remote working is expected to increase 6X by 2021. Many companies see that as an opportunity to downsize their offices and save money on their lease.

However, having fewer desks than the total number of employees and a workforce spread out across many locations requires complex planning and management.

We help HR managers easily organize remote and onsite work based on both company and individual constraints. Our unique optimisation model recommends the best occupancy planning across locations. 

We’re onboarding our first beta users and aim to launch our full product later this year.

Valerio Volpati (left) and Albert Reynaud (right)

Valerio Volpati (left) and Albert Reynaud (right)

Albert Reynaud, CEO and co-founder

Albert has spent 10 years working at Google doing business development for the Ads and product partnerships teams. He headed a vertical of the Android Apps EMEA team. Last year he launched an electric car subscription service.

Valerio Volpati, CTO and co-founder

Valerio has a PhD in Statistical Physics and an extensive experience in applied interdisciplinary research, ranging from economics, mobility and finance. His experience is in complex systems, large data challenges and optimisation problems.

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