The Lowdown

| Transforming women's health, starting with contraception.

120M Western women experience unwanted side effects from using the wrong contraception, and almost half have trouble finding a method that suits them.

The Lowdown is the world’s first review platform for contraception. We’re using our unique dataset, medical experts and growing community to revolutionise the way women choose, access and use the right method.

45,000 users come to us every month. Our organic traffic has grown 20% MoM and we’ve built out paid consultations and prescriptions.

In solving contraception first, we are best placed to give women the lowdown on all aspects of their health.

Alice Pelton (left) and David Pratt (right)

Alice Pelton (left) and David Pratt (right)

Alice Pelton, CEO and co-founder

Alice spent her twenties struggling to find the right contraception for her. She is an established figure in Femtech, who before setting up The Lowdown spent 7 years leading large teams to build and monetise digital products and subscription businesses at News Corp.

David Pratt, CTO and co-founder

David is a growth-focussed technical founder. He was former Head of Growth at The Tab, which he grew from 10k MAU to over 10M and a US expansion, and his media startup BRACE CLUB acquired by SubTV. Before joining The Lowdown he developed a mobile consumer app that grew to over 4,000 WAU.